Soulful Sunday – Still smiling!!!

So you know you are little crazy when on a SUNDAY morning, your alarm wakes you at 4.15am! and you are driving at 4.30am! Yep you read that correctly.

The drive took me to Hinze Dam on what is/was meant to be one of the HOTTEST day of summer 2016-2017. WHY you might be asking?  Well 2017 I wanted to try something new in my life, and that something today was Trail Running, that’s running in the bush,  over all sorts of terrain and all sorts of ground.

I joined a trail running series – SEQ Trail Running Series it is run by a totally awesome group called Those Guys Events. I joined up for the last four runs in the series  it began at Bunyaville on the 29th Jan, today at Hinze Dam, run three – Sunday 26th Feb on the Sunny Coast and the last one at Daisy Hill on the 12th March.

Bunyaville I was nervous and excited but it was sadly a short run, I rolled my ankle, took a tumble and at such ended up with a swollen ankle and gravel rash, so it was my first ever DFN – did not finish.


I went into today with strapped ankles to add stability and with a cautious mind, yet, I was keen to try and give it a solid crack and try again.


Today I was also joined on the trails with some wonderful friends. I want to put a HUGE shout out to my running buddies today, Kerrie, Nicole and Scherelle.


Kerrie; who is crazy enough to joining me on all four runs and being the best navigator getting to each destination!!!

Nicole;  gets a HUGE HIGH5 today because she gave up her trail run at her own pace, to be running with me. It was her that kept me running and probably actually running more than I would probably have. We laughed, we swore, we laughed some more, we enjoyed the bush views and the amazing bush sounds. THANK YOU Nic #Flurochicsgobush #Flurochicssticktogether

Scherelle;  with her husband and went the extra distance and completed the LONG run of 18.3km GO YOU!


While I live and breathe parkrun and nothing  will ever replace that in my life, trail running is just my NEW LOVE! During those first 200m of the run at Bunyaville I was smitten. Today that LOVE grew.

What made the love grow…. it is SO quiet, on the trails it is you and the bush, you need to be completely present and in the moment, your next step needs you to be. There is no noise, there are the calls of birds and the sounds of nature. RIGHT THERE – that was fills me up and being able to add in my other love of running – I am one of the happiest and calmest girl than can be tonight, there is no wiping the smile of my face!!

This was us smiling at the end – and it hasn’t changed for me all day.

Bring on the next adventure! Happy Trail Running!!! WOOHOO!!!